Database Integration and Why You Should be Using it

Written by Nicole Niemann.

We have evolved into a world of advanced technology. Many people in all different aspects of business, medicine, education and many other fields have made the decision to make their jobs more effective and efficient. Database integration is the latest innovation to make filing of significant data easier. Integration is a multistep process of finding similar entities in multiple databases to create a unified view of all databases. The concept of database integration suggests the database software has the ability to access related and non-related data from one application to another.

About Database Integration

With the use of database integration, users can transfer information from one application to another more efficiently. In a database management system, data is accessed in the form of queries, but by using database integration, users can store data from multiple applications as well as combine information across databases. Because of database integration, users will not have to put in extra effort and time to access various different applications. This integration allows users to instantly share files because all the data is synchronized.

Un-integrated Software

If your employees are bogged down with inefficient processes, it increases errors and takes valuable time away from their more important core duties. When software systems are un-integrated, you have multiple overlapping databases which need to be manually manipulated to get a good view of business performance. Such manual tasks reduce the productivity and efficiency that your company needs to grow. With many different applications, IT wastes an enormous amount of time and effort on integrating and acquiring new versions of the applications. This can also cause problems with customer acquisition and growth. When customers are unable to quickly access their information and can’t get issues resolved quickly, they will be less satisfied and less likely to continue doing business with you.

Benefits of Data Integration

An integrated software system ensures that customers have correct information and a better customer experience and that employees have instantaneous access to all customer information instantly. By using an integrated application system, you can build in the security tools necessary to prevent access by unauthorized users or intruders. Real-time visibility is also very important for making timely informed decisions. Information can be accessed instantly, without wasting resources on pulling reports and tying together data from different sources. Employees are better informed and can make more accurate, decisions more quickly. Because changes are implemented much more quickly, everyday business users are able to apply their functional skills to the processes in a way that helps improve performance.

Today, companies in virtually all industries are using more sophisticated software to fuel growth but still struggle to keep up and manage costs effectively. With so many various disconnected functional systems, employees are not able to continue optimal productivity. Integrated business software is transforming how companies run and enabling them to take their business to the next level of profitable growth.



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