Create the WOW Factor in Event Customer Service

Written by Kimberly Davis-Parker.

One of our goals at TH Mgmt, Inc. is to always create a wonderful experience for all event attendees. As the Program Management Coordinator for TH Mgmt, Inc., my job includes managing onsite registration. This is a terrific opportunity for me to meet and engage our client members, guests, and sponsors face to face. Great customer service is essential to the success of every event.

Here are a few tips to ensure your attendees are happy and have an enjoyable event experience:

  1. Offer a genuine smile. The person sitting at the registration table is likely the first and last person to make contact with attendees as they arrive and leave an event. A smile offers a fantastic first and last impression. You want to make sure to look your best, wear your name tag, and remember your manners. This is also a great way to make first-time guests feel welcome. If you’re successful, they’ll look for ways to join or become more involved in your association. You want people to feel good when they walk in and walk out.
  2. Be attentive. It can get incredibly busy at the registration table, but if a client has a question, take a moment and give them your undivided attention. Be fast and courteous when registering a new attendee onsite. Acknowledge as many clients (and speakers) as you can by name and grab their name badge and hand it to them personally, if possible. My clients really like that!
  3. Try to anticipate every need. There will be questions before an event and onsite, but you want to make it as easy as possible for clients and often times, it’s the simplest things that really go a long way. For instance, it may be helpful to send parking information or any special instructions to clients via email ahead of the event, so attendees can plan accordingly. Always use directional signs onsite to help them navigate where to go. Know where the restrooms are at every venue – I get that question a lot.
  4. Know your team. When you arrive onsite to set up, make a point to get to know the venue host and staff by name. They’re a part of your team during the event. This is crucial for any last minute additions or changes you may need for your client that the venue’s staff will have to facilitate. Using their actual name is simply polite and goes a long way to making things happen quickly for your clients.
  5. Create a lasting impression. There are a ton of things to manage post-event, but it’s important to assist clients promptly once you get back to the office. For instance, if clients expect a copy of a presentation from the event or a copy of their continuing education certificate, send it to them in a timely manner. Never ignore your clients. Always return phone calls and respond to emails.

Remember, a happy attendee is often a repeating attendee. Be passionate, thorough, and helpful. Clients appreciate your efforts and it will make you feel good that they had an enjoyable time.

Most of this article derives from my own work experience, but additional resources include:

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